December 5, 2023

The Persona sequence has been a beloved franchise by the corporate and the gamers. It’s in the way in which so many spinoffs have been made for Persona 3, 4, and 5, plus ports for Revelations: Persona and Persona 2. In distinction to their upbeat facade, the video games normally contact upon darkish themes (sure, even the “cheerful” Persona 4).

After all, followers can’t be glad with solely spinoffs and remakes, so that they’ve been on the lookout for the following recreation within the sequence. It’s been seven years since Persona 5 and three years since Strikers have been launched. It’s excessive time that the following recreation within the franchise seems.

Hints, Rumors, and Hypothesis

Final yr, Atlus celebrated the franchise’s twenty fifth anniversary. They introduced varied issues, confirmed some merchandise, and made followers pleased. On the ultimate day, individuals got flyers. These stated that Atlus nonetheless had many issues to announce however deeply regretted not with the ability to but.

Issues might be shared on the proper time, or so it stated. Many have thought this was speculated to be a Persona 6 announcement or reveal. Nevertheless, one thing occurred that prevented them from saying something about it. The explanations can cowl a spread of developmental troubles, although we received’t be aware about these.

There’s one factor we are able to infer about Persona 6. Whereas it might be only a rumor, it considerations the colour theme of the sport. Earlier video games have this, akin to 3 being predominantly blue (or pink), 4 having yellow, and 5 being crimson.

The first supply of the rumor is an image of all earlier protagonists for Persona video games standing in entrance of a graffitied wall. Some characters have colourful splatters on them, and Joker is even holding a sprig paint can. Beside him is sufficient house for yet another character, a bucket of inexperienced paint, and a sprig can of the identical shade.

Curiously, this image has little to no inexperienced aside from the talked about bucket and may, a splatter throughout Joker, and a flower-like kind on the very high of the mural above Maya and Tatsuya. This ‘flower’ has six petals and appears barely like a clover.

Builders normally use colours to evoke particular feelings and emotions. Persona 3 offers with the inevitability of dying, becoming to have melancholic blue as its theme. Persona 4 is an upbeat and considerably lighter detective thriller, matching with cheerful however cautioning yellow. Persona 5 has themes of rise up and opposition, making crimson an ideal complement to the hazard they face and the fervour they’ve.

Inexperienced evokes a sense of envy, however it is usually the colour of vegetation, symbolizing development and prosperity. If the sport’s image is a clover, it may additionally characterize luck and the unfairness of your circumstances. The brand new protagonist might be somebody envying the higher class, being born poor, or one thing comparable. Granted, it doesn’t look as high-stakes as dying, a serial killer, and a ‘god’ who desires to strip free will away. Nonetheless, relying on the writing, it might be an thrilling story.

What We Need to See in Persona 6

Regardless of being in the identical franchise, the circulation of time calls for that it’ll have modifications to the standard system. Listed here are some issues gamers need Persona 6 to have.

A Protagonist With a Persona

Certain, blank-slate participant characters are a manner so that you can challenge your self into them. Nevertheless, the most typical option to create one is to make them mute and non-expressive more often than not. It was considerably averted with P5’s Joker, as he can vocalize in cutscenes and is established as courageous. A minimum of courageous sufficient to combat in opposition to one of many antagonists, even when he doesn’t discover till assembly him once more.

It’s additionally averted with Tatsuya, who has some persona tidbits talked about by different characters. Some supplementary supplies additionally element different traits. The identical goes for Maya Amano, by being characterised in Persona 2: Harmless Sin whereas being a mute protagonist in Everlasting Punishment.

The protagonists for P3 and 4 are clean slates. They don’t have a lot background, and you may select varied tones for his or her dialogs, however a lot is left open for the participant to fill in. P3P’s feminine protagonist modifications it up. Her dialog decisions are extra optimistic, upbeat, and various than her male counterpart’s. Nonetheless, aside from that, she’s a clean slate.

Whereas each types have benefit, followers want to see extra of a personality’s persona in future video games. There’s little character development to see in the event that they don’t have anything to start out with. A option to play as a feminine protagonist would even be welcome. It was doable for P3P, and Maya is a feminine protagonist, so why not for the opposite video games?

Shadows That Match the Theme of the Dungeon

One of the vital distinguished variations between P5 and the 2 earlier video games is that Joker fights in opposition to doable personas. He then will get new ones by negotiating with them efficiently. In distinction, Persona 3 and 4 let gamers acquire new personas by Shuffle Time, which provides a component of randomness.

The latter appears a downgrade from the previous, nevertheless it allowed the dungeons to have distinctive enemies. Those who match the place they’re thematically and with out having to know trivia concerning the persona.

The negotiation mechanic additionally makes it a little bit too just like the SMT franchise, which is the origin of this sequence. Nevertheless, a distinction must be made between the 2, and that is one straightforward option to do it. One various may nonetheless have thematic shadows and have the persona be a hidden enemy to barter with.

In some dungeon’s hidden corners is the persona, and you may battle it, negotiate, or it may ask you to do one thing for it so it’ll be a part of your workforce. That could be a cheap compromise between the 2 mechanics.

LGBTQ+ Illustration

There was a homosexual choice in Persona 2 if Tatsuya selected Jun as a love curiosity. In P3P, it’s doable to decide on to enter a romance with Aigis, even when utilizing the feminine protagonist. Whereas the previous is coded as feminine, how a lot it counts is obscure since she’s a robotic.

Afterward, the video games by no means actually give the selection to do it. Gamers should flip to fanworks to get their repair and are by no means formally canon. Subtext and implications are all over the place, however followers want greater than that. See Yu (P4 protagonist) and Yosuke’s relationship. A lot of the latter’s dialog could be interpreted as romantic towards the previous, nevertheless it by no means turns into an precise relationship.

An official gay character(s) or different representations of the sexuality spectrum may assist the sport be extra accepted. As talked about, there are subtext and background characters that do counsel they exist within the Persona universe. Nonetheless, placing them on the forefront and making them shine will give gamers extra incentive to play and empathize with the characters.

Particularly if the theme does find yourself as ‘envy.’ That goes hand in hand with jealousy, and since a part of the sport is the ability of friendship, it can work effectively with it. Love triangles are a cliched trope, however add jealousy and the issues of sexuality within the combine to make it extra fascinating. It doesn’t tie in with luck, however a case could be made for it.

Ready Is Arduous Till It Isn’t

Since we’ll be ready for an announcement from ATLUS, listed below are some issues to do to tide you over.

You’ll be able to play the Shin Megami Tensei video games. Whereas they’re tougher than the Persona sequence, they’re additionally fairly lengthy and have totally different endings for replay worth. Even one will take up a lot time you received’t discover it flying by.

The franchise additionally has Satan Summoner, Satan Survivor, and different titles. This totals a staggering variety of video games associated to the sequence. Even taking out Persona video games doesn’t make a dent. For a way of scale, there are 6 mainline video games and 12 spinoffs within the Persona franchise alone. That features up to date rereleases akin to P5 Royal and P4 Golden. It’s 18 video games in a single sub-franchise, however you may leap straight to the ‘higher’ variations with the rereleases. Nonetheless, that’s so many video games you may sink your time into.

Going by them will certainly make the time move so quick; Persona 6 might be out by the point you end. That’s should you’re not speedrunning them. ATLUS additionally has the Etrian Oddysey and different video games to tide you over outdoors the SMT/Persona sequence. Your solely downside is getting the consoles to play the video games, however with porting and remastered variations, they’ve workarounds now.

If you would like one thing aside from video games, there are film and anime diversifications you may watch. Persona 4 and 5 have animes, and three has film diversifications. There are additionally musicals, however they don’t present these outdoors Japan. There might be movies on the web, although it doesn’t evaluate to watching it reside.

Excited But?

Whereas the details about the sport is scarce, many eagerly await it. Till additional discover, something above is simply hypothesis and nothing official (even whether it is typically handled as so). Issues may nonetheless go in a different way, however no less than we’ll get Persona 6 out of it.