December 5, 2023

The Guardian of Apep is a brand new Trounce Area boss battle within the likes of Stormterror, Childe, Azhdaha, La Signora, Raiden Shogun Puppet, and Shouki no Kami in Genshin Influence. You possibly can battle it as many occasions as you need, however you may solely declare rewards weekly. To this point, the one characters to make use of its Expertise Degree-Up supplies are Baizhu and Kaveh.

Methods to Unlock Guardian of Apep Boss Battle

It’s essential to full the next necessities to unlock this boss battle:

  • Journey Rank 40+
  • Accomplished Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises
  • One Story Key for Sapientia Oromasdis Act II: Homecoming

You’ll comply with Nahida as she tries to resolve some lingering emotions of unfinished issues and assist some buddies get again residence. The implications of being contaminated by Forbidden Data attain additional than the Dendro Archon and the Traveler ever considered.

The Trounce Area turns into accessible whenever you full the search’s ‘What Form Does the Self Maintain’ part. It’s positioned within the Desert of Hadramaveth, close to an enormous glowing cavern within the north.

Boss Battle Mechanics

The battle has three phases. The primary and final is a direct fight state of affairs the place you assault and defeat the Guardian of Apep. The second is uncommon, as you assist the Coronary heart of the Oasis get better whereas Proliferating Organisms attempt to maintain its corrupted state.

Section 1 Assaults

Rising Strike – The Guardian turns into a shadow on the bottom, showing at your place. Because it does, it swipes with its entrance limbs.

Physique Sweep – It spins, sweeping over a big space.

4-Hit Combo – The boss swipes, slams, sweeps, after which slams its limbs in succession. Typically begins or ends on the second transfer.

Distant Crusher – Buries its 4 limbs into the bottom. They emerge at your place and slam in succession.

 Triple Slam – Guardian emerges from the middle of the world and slams its limbs thrice. Every slam will ship out spiky orbs that residence in on you in the event you’re close by.

Tail Sweep – The boss often does this in the event you’re behind it. Swipes its tail twice.

Section 2

On this part, you wish to fill the yellow bar by defeating organisms. Some will spawn to hinder your progress, and also you fail after they reach depleting it. Listed here are the categories you may encounter:

Preliminary Proliferating Organism

It’s probably the most primary one that appears like a mushroom cap gown/skirt. You don’t see a stalk, nevertheless it appears like a fungus. It might assault with melee or ranged strikes.

Protecting Proliferating Organism

It appears like two twined tendrils prolonged to kind a tower. It creates a Dendro protect for close by organisms that refreshes each half a second. To defeat the remainder, it’s essential to beat it first.

Pernicious Proliferating Organism

A rolling organism that can explode if left alone for too lengthy. Seems to be like a burr with a glowing middle.

Predatory Proliferating Organism

This one appears like a mixture of a whale, clam, and fungi. Its major methodology of assault is to chunk. Watch out when it devours a Preliminary Proliferating Organism as a result of it turns into extra highly effective and begins to chase you round.

Provender Proliferating Organism

Its kind is similar to the Guardian however with solely three limbs. It might buff 3 Preliminary Proliferating Organisms close to it. Whereas boosting others, their resistance to all harm sorts is elevated to a near-invulnerable state. If a buffed organism is defeated, it loses 40% of its HP.

Perch Proliferating Organism

It’s a grotesque likeness of the flying fungi kind, having very related options however with an added otherworldly issue. It’s not harmful because it received’t assault. Nevertheless, it should intervene with you thru boundaries and teleportation.

You possibly can maintain the organisms from attacking the Coronary heart with intelligent positioning of Geo constructs. Nonetheless, it’s sooner in the event you defeat them.

Section 3 Assaults

Rising Strike – Identical because the Section 1 assault, however hits tougher.

Triple Airstrike – The Guardian marks an space and gathers power. When completed, the marked space explodes, adopted by two extra blasts on the participant’s location.

Helix Bathe – Collects helix-shaped projectiles to hurl on the participant.

Double Swipe – Whenever you’re near the Guardian, it should swipe its limbs twice

Aftershocks of the Apocalypse – The Guardian goes to the middle of the world utilizing Rising Strike. It then jumps up and down, creating an increasing space of Dendro power and forming 3 Shields of Revival’s Hymn. Staying within the discipline will harm you periodically. After that, it releases power that may one-hit KO most characters. Nevertheless, staying inside the shields will defend you from the sector harm and the ultimate burst.

Suggestions and Tips

As a combat-heavy boss battle, it’s best to carry your finest crew and a shielder or healer. The Guardian of Apep hits laborious; in the event you’re not cautious, it may possibly knock out your characters shortly. It has no advisable components, so you need to use any composition you need.

The boss has a 70% resistance to Dendro, although. Make sure you don’t depend on that factor for harm, as it should take longer than in the event you used others. The Proliferating Organisms even have larger than common Dendro RES (50%), so bringing a personality of that factor just isn’t advisable.

Take into account bringing an Anemo CC character to assemble up the organisms to eradicate them faster. It is determined by your desire, as it may possibly velocity up the second part. Nonetheless, particular skills are ineffective in different parts. They’ll additionally assist with the Viridescent Venerer 4-set results.

The battle is comparatively simple. You don’t want any fancy tips or be taught new mechanics for it. The second part may take some time, nevertheless it’s not an extended combat. With the proper social gathering, you may breeze via it and get the rewards immediately.

Random Trivia (SPOILER ALERT for Nahida’s Story Quest)

Apparently, you’re battling the Guardian within the ‘abdomen’ of Apep. You’ll see the latter’s dimension whenever you’ve finished the search. She’s a serpentine dragon, and although you see her via a veil of a sandstorm, what’s seen exhibits how large she is. She’s additionally large enough to be the house of the fundamental beings you meet.

Nahida’s earlier panic that the dragon might explode with power turns into a sound concern. Apep’s explosion may attain Liyue and/or Fontaine. With Khaenri’ah’s proximity to Sumeru, her destruction might imply one other outpouring of Abyssal power and creatures. It’s a very good factor the Dendro Archon and the Traveler had been capable of cleanse Apep of the lingering results of Forbidden Data.

Apep is an elemental dragon, just like Dvalin and Azhdaha. They’re a species that existed earlier than the Primordial One established the human realm. As they accumulate power, they develop in dimension and might outlive gods. The sport is wonky on the scaling of objects, however this truth means that Apep is among the oldest beings in Teyvat.

For comparability, Azhdaha was stated to be as huge as a mountain vary. What we combat within the area are reminiscences of a sealed Azdaha, so it’s a bit smaller than common. To get a really feel of his precise dimension, the tree above his area is the tip of his tail. Dvalin was stated to have grown when he woke up as Stormterror.

The search additionally explains why the Dendro Archon shrunk after saving the Sumeru from the results of Forbidden Data. As Nahida defined, by reversing (or sacrificing) time, she will launch a number of occasions extra power for no matter she must do. This often is expressed via elemental energy or experiences, as proven by the Hydro Fungus Elemental Being.

Because it collected its household, it gained the members’ experiences and power. Close to the top, it collected sufficient to evolve right into a Grounded Hydroshroom. It did what the Dendro Archon did, simply in reverse. If Nahida succeeded in sacrificing her power to cleanse Apep, she’d have was a twig or blade of grass.

Happily, she didn’t should, and Sumeru wouldn’t lose their Archon. That may have unsavory penalties, least of all having some enterprising students repeat the motion of making a ‘god.’

Nonetheless, it exhibits that greater than 500 years had been wanted for Nahida to realize a ‘larger’ kind. Then once more, the sages severely restricted her strategies of gaining expertise, being trapped within the Sanctuary of Surasthana.

At any price, proceed having fun with Genshin Influence!

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