February 26, 2024

Fight Achievements are a comparatively new addition to Outdated College RuneScape that entered the sport in July 2021. They have been impressed by the extremely popular Achievement Diaries, the place it’s a must to do particular skill-related duties in particular areas, just like the Wilderness Diary or the Ardougne Diary. With Fight Achievements, it is advisable carry out duties associated to particular bosses or monsters or use particular sport mechanics, like thralls, whatever the monster you’re killing. For instance, a simple boss-related process entails attacking Tempoross by loading the cannons on each side, or a medium monster-related process entails killing a Skeletal Wyvern for the primary time.

The Unique Fight Achievements

Jagex initially introduced the Fight Achievements as an imperfect copy of the Achievement Diaries, the place it’s a must to carry out all of the duties in a set, within the sense that you simply’d have to finish all the duties within the simple class to earn the rewards for the simple fight achievements. That is much like how you should carry out all of the duties in a selected achievement diary to get the rewards, similar to finishing the simple Falador diary for Explorer’s Ring 1 and all the opposite rewards.

Whereas Jagex retains increasing the Fight Achievements by including an increasing number of duties, particularly once they launch new combat-related content material, the change relating to the points-based Fight Achievements doesn’t relate to the duties themselves however to the way you’ll be capable of get your rewards or full the tiers.

Why the Change?

Since there are only some lower-level fight duties and a great deal of exhausting, elite, and grasp fight duties, finishing the fight achievements was a quite irritating journey, with enormous gaps between whenever you’d be rewarded for the fight duties you’ve finished because you’d want to finish all of them in a selected class earlier than with the ability to accumulate your rewards, and much more so, you’d want first to finish the decrease tier so you may get the upper tier rewards.

This meant that even in case you accomplished all the medium, elite, and exhausting duties, for instance, you couldn’t have claimed your rewards with out finishing the simple set. This additionally translated into a really irritating expertise since a lot of the simple duties are locked behind content material that’s grindy but not rewarding, like killing Moss or Hill Giants for his or her respective bosses: Bryophyta and Obor.

Level-Primarily based Fight Achievements

With the points-based system, will probably be a lot simpler and at the least much less aggravating to finish the early tiers of the Fight Achievements. It’s because now, every process provides you with a set variety of factors that may depend in direction of finishing every of the six tiers of the achievements (simple, medium, exhausting, elite, grasp, and grandmaster). The simple duties are price 1 level every; the medium duties are price 2 factors; the exhausting duties 3 factors; the elite 4, grasp 5, and grandmaster 6. This implies you’ll be able to select to finish 12 simple duties, 4 exhausting duties, or simply 2 grandmaster duties, and also you’ll attain the identical development towards the subsequent degree reward.


The rewards milestones have additionally been designed to get the identical rewards even in case you’ve already accomplished some fight achievement tiers. These milestones take into consideration the variety of factors offered by every tier of duties:

  • 33 simple duties = 33 factors wanted for the simple tier of rewards
  • 41 medium duties = 115 factors wanted for the medium tier of rewards
  • 63 exhausting duties = 304 factors wanted for the exhausting tier of rewards
  • 129 elite duties = 820 factors wanted for the elite tier of rewards
  • 129 grasp duties = 1465 factors wanted for the grasp tier of rewards
  • 90 grandmaster duties = 2005 factors wanted for the grandmaster tier of rewards


Jagex has additionally barely adjusted the interface of the fight achievements to can help you monitor your progress higher and allow you to know when you’ll be able to accumulate your rewards from Ghommal or what number of factors you want till you unlock the subsequent set of rewards. Navigating the rewards tab may also see your general progress as a substitute of simply the bar to the subsequent reward tier.

Gather Your Rewards

To gather your rewards, you should use a Fight Bracelet to teleport to the Warrior’s Guild and stroll out of the guild or a Sport’s Necklace to teleport to Burthrope and run west to succeed in the Warriors Guild, the place you will discover Ghommal.

You may get some fairly incredible quality-of-life upgrades from the Fight Achievements. For instance, beginning with the simple tier, you’ll get extra factors for every Pest Management run, and also you’ll be 5 p.c extra more likely to get simple clue scrolls. The medium tier offers an identical bonus for medium clue scrolls and also will offer you 5 each day teleports to the God Wards Dungeon entrance. For the medium diary, the rewards embody holding extra cannonballs in your cannon. The exhausting tier provides you with—amongst different rewards—the power to cosmetically improve your Dragon Hunter Crossbow. Beginning with the exhausting tier, you’ll achieve a reward that may modify the variety of followers it’s a must to kill inside the God Wars Dungeon earlier than getting into a boss room.