December 2, 2023

With restricted assets for Stellar Jades, you’d wish to spend them on somebody worthy in Honkai Star Rail. That goes even for individuals who use the ability of plastic, as they must pay up ultimately. You may nonetheless be on the fence about pulling for Jing Yuan, so right here’s an summary of his skills and the place he excels.

Jing Yuan is an Erudition Path Lightning character specializing in large-scale AoE assaults. He has a Primary Assault the place he slashes one enemy. His Ability lets him assault all enemies, and his Final summons a assemble that sweeps its spear, focusing on all opponents.

His distinctive expertise is the Lightning-Lord, a summon of types. Jing Yuan calls it initially of the battle. It has its personal flip icon within the motion sequence bar. It won’t transfer if Jing Yuan is incapacitated (Frozen, Entangled, and so forth.). Additionally, it disappears when JY will get knocked down.

When its flip comes, it targets a single enemy hitting them based mostly on what number of Motion Factors it gained. Opponents adjoining to the goal additionally get hit for 25% of its injury. The Lightning-Lord has a base SPD of 60 and defaults to three Motion Factors. It good points 10 SPD per AP, and the utmost quantity it will possibly maintain of the latter is 10. When it takes a flip, SPD and AP return to default values.

Utilizing Jing Yuan’s Ability and Final will increase the Lightning-Lord’s AP by 2 and three, respectively. His Approach provides 3 AP, which may solely be triggered earlier than the battle. The Lightning-Lord’s assault is taken into account a follow-up assault.

Immediately buffing Jing Yuan’s DMG shouldn’t have an effect on Lightning-Lord’s DMG. The latter calculates injury from JY’s ATK, which means that’s what you need to enhance as an alternative. The Lord’s assault being thought of a follow-up assault implies that all Blessings of Elation and others that contain the mechanic will have an effect on it instantly.

Whereas it isn’t mentioned outright, the Lord’s CRIT stats also needs to come from JY’s personal. Constructing him with a excessive ratio must be a precedence. As a Lightning character, he may cause the Shock standing impact. He can profit from some Nihility Blessings within the Simulated Universe. Utilizing him with Sampo will be highly effective, however provided that you construct up Jing Yuan’s Impact Hit.

Jing Yuan is an outstanding AoE damager who can break toughness bars or defeat enemies in just a few turns. He’s most helpful in opposition to the robots in Belobog, most of that are weak to Lightning. In fact, different enemies which have an analogous weak point may even simply fall prey to him. Those who don’t will ultimately succumb to his may.

Being a DPS, the Relic set he wants is the Band of Scorching Thunder. Apart from bonus Lightning Harm, utilizing Expertise will buff his ATK, rising the injury of the Lightning-Lord. As a good different, half that and the Musketeer of Wild Wheat will do. The latter is extra forgiving if Jing Yuan misses a possibility to make use of his Ability.

For Planar Ornaments, Inert Salsotto and House Sealing Station are essentially the most really useful units. Nonetheless, higher substats typically matter extra, so you possibly can select a unique mixture.

As for Mild Cones, after all, his 5-star signature one, Earlier than Daybreak, is one of the best. It will increase Crit DMG by 36% and Ability and Final DMG by 18%. It additionally supplies an additional impact when utilizing his Ability, which will increase follow-up assault DMG by 48%.

Different alternate options are:

  • Evening on the Milky Approach
  • In the present day Is One other Peaceable Day
  • The Beginning of the Self
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast
  • Geniuses’ Repose
  • Passkey
  • Sagacity

As a personality on the Erudition Path, Jing Yuan wants the Keys of Inspiration (and its higher-leveled types). He additionally makes use of the Immortal Scionette (and Aeroblossom and Lumintwig) for Traces and Ascension.

His Stagnant Shadow is The Form of Doom, present in Stargazer Navalia. This drops the Form Shifter’s Lightning Employees, the fabric he wants for Ascension. As for Traces, he makes use of Tracks of Future and the Destroyer’s Closing Highway. The latter will be obtained from the Echo of Battle within the Herta House Station.

If you happen to want a high-damage AoE DPS, Jing Yuan is your man. He works properly even with out an Eidolon improve and in all fairness simple to gear up. As talked about, he’s useful in defeating hordes of Lightning-weak enemies or defeating a number of targets in a single go.

Whereas Serval is a good alternative, Jing Yuan hits stronger and extra regularly than her. He additionally doesn’t want to harm himself like Arlan, although utilizing HP as an alternative of Ability Factors will be helpful. He can’t be in contrast with Tingyun, who’s a help character and subsequently has completely different priorities.

Among the many Erudition characters, he has essentially the most constant injury. He doesn’t want any circumstances for his follow-up assault (Herta, Himeko), nor does it depend on RNG (Qingque). In contrast to Serval, he doesn’t must depend on DoTs, which will be resisted by the enemy.

So sure, pull for Jing Yuan. If Seele is the sport’s finest single-target DPS, JY is one of the best AoE DPS.

Now that you simply’ve learn why you need to pull for him, listed here are some causes to skip this banner.

If you happen to don’t look after the ‘meta’ and don’t like his appears, skills, or character, don’t trouble. You shouldn’t give in to look strain and spend on a personality you don’t like and received’t even use. Equally, you possibly can skip him when you’re glad along with your present groups and don’t notably want a powerful AoE DPS.

If you happen to choose to get a unique character, particularly whenever you’re F2P, preserve your financial savings. You’ll be able to danger all of it to get a assure whenever you lose 50/50. Nonetheless, there’s additionally the likelihood that you simply’ll lack Jades for that future banner.

You’ll be able to skip him when you don’t wish to add to your farming load. In any case, it means gathering extra supplies and assets to construct him up. That cuts in your Trailblaze Energy price range and time. You’ll be able to at all times get him on a rerun, although it is going to be lengthy earlier than that occurs.

You’ve heard either side of the argument, however solely you possibly can resolve. Hopefully, this helped you escape the fence and go to at least one facet. Whether or not you pull for Jing Yuan or not, proceed having fun with Honkai: Star Rail!