December 2, 2023

The Nice Sky Island may be considered Tears of the Kingdom’s tutorial space. It’s the place to study the ins and outs of the sport, however importantly, it’s the place you get to unlock Hyperlink’s new talents. That stated, the tutorial space generally is a tad prolonged, particularly in case you’re the kind who likes to examine each nook and cranny.

The Nice Sky Island is outlined by its 4 shrines that home distinctive puzzles to unravel. In case you do clear up them, you get to study a brand new means. On this information, we’ll let you know the options to all these puzzles so you may lastly make your approach to Hyrule.

Unlocked Capability: Ultrahand

The aim of this shrine is so that you can get accustomed to the Ultrahand means, which you’ll be given instantly by Rauro upon getting into. Ultrahand is principally a beefier model of Breath of the Wild’s Magnesis means. As an alternative of solely grabbing metallic objects, now you can join and fix all kinds of things.

To progress, use Ultrahand to attach the boards and make a small bridge, then use that bridge to cross to the subsequent platform. There’s additionally a chest on prime of a pillar on the world’s proper facet. When you go additional in, you’ll discover there are hooks, boards, and a cable you’ll want to make use of to get to the tip of the Shrine. Connect the hooks to the board and place your creation onto the cable to get to the subsequent space. As quickly as you place your makeshift raft on the cable, make a leap for it, because it’ll instantly begin shifting.

Unlocked Capability: Fuse

The second shrine—In-Isa Shrine—is the place you’ll study the Fuse means. This allows you to mix weapons with totally different objects to extend its assault energy and sturdiness. As you enter, you’ll see a Thick Stick on the bottom and three boulders. Equip the Thick Stick and fuse it with one of many boulders to interrupt the rock partitions in entrance of you to progress additional.

When you’re within the subsequent room, you’ll see a pillar on the left with a chest on prime. You may hit the pillar along with your fused weapon to drop the chest, the place it’ll reward you with x5 Arrows. On the alternative facet of the damaged pillar, you may harvest some Hearth Fruits and get an Outdated Wood Bow—these are wanted to unravel the shrine’s puzzle.

Use the bow to fireside an arrow hooked up to a Hearth Fruit and purpose it towards the wall surrounded by dried leaves. Upon doing so, the leaves will wither and drop a chest under. Open the chest to get a Small Key. Then, return to the earlier room and use the Small Key to unlock the inexperienced door, the place you’ll need to face an enemy. Defeat the enemy utilizing your fused weapon to gather a Captain Assemble I Horn and Assemble Bow. Lastly, break the rocky partitions within the space utilizing a weapon fused with a rock/boulder to make your approach to the shrine and obtain a Mild of Blessing.

Unlocked Capability: Ascend

The Ascent means lets you attain new heights and areas that will in any other case be inaccessible. You don’t want a gust of wind to raise you want Revali’s Gale. As an alternative, Ascent allows you to journey by stable surfaces vertically.

At first, you’ll discover a pattered ceiling you’ll must get on prime of to get to the subsequent space. Use Ascend to undergo the ceiling. Then, within the subsequent part, there’s a small enemy you’ll need to defeat utilizing the weapons you’ve got in your stock. In case you don’t have any weapons, you may get a Stone Axe and a Assemble Bow from the chest and packing containers within the shrine. One is on the appropriate facet of the wall, the place there are two blocks (you should utilize Ascend to achieve the chest). In the meantime, the Assemble Bow may be present in picket packing containers; you solely have to interrupt them utilizing your Stone Axe.

Use Ascend beneath the bridge to cross the hole to the subsequent part of the shrine. When you’re throughout, you’ll see a shifting platform on the left wall. Await the platform to return towards you and use Ascend. Repeat this course of till you attain the tip of the shrine.

Unlocked Capability: Recall

Recall is a robust means in which you can actually rewind time on shifting objects. You’ll discover rafts are shifting throughout the water. Use Recall and get on the raft till you get to the subsequent platform, the place you’ll see a waterfall. Then, use Recall on the raft that simply fell from the waterfall and experience it to the highest.

When you’re on prime, push by utilizing the cogwheel in your left and use Recall to discover a treasure chest with x10 Arrows inside. Lastly, you’ll see two spinning dialings above a gate. The gate solely opens when the 2 dials overlap, so anticipate them to overlap and use the Recall means to make sure that each dials transfer in sync. Proceed by the gate to obtain the ultimate Mild of Blessing within the Nice Sky Island.