December 2, 2023

Title: Nilou

Imaginative and prescient: Hydro

Birthday: 3 December

Constellation: Lotos Somno

Titles: Dance of Lotuslight, Star of Zubayr Theater

Nilou is an attention-grabbing character as a result of she has a particular celebration composition that she favors in Genshin Influence. Though it limits the celebration members you should utilize together with her, some combos can let the injury undergo the roof.

Dance of Haftkarsvar, her E ability, lets Nilou enter the Pirouette state. This ends after a three-hit combo, becoming one among two modes relying on the final hit. In case you use a Regular assault, she enters the Sword Dance mode. Underneath its results, all her assaults are infused with Hydro which can’t be overwritten. Her third hit is a Luminous Phantasm, a wave of water that damages something in its path. Assaults throughout this state are thought of Elemental Talent DMG.

In case you finish Pirouette with an E ability, Nilou will get Whirling Steps as a substitute. There shall be a blast of Hydro DMG, and the energetic character features a Tranquility Aura that applies the Moist standing to enemies in vary.

Dance of Abzendegi: Distant Goals, Listening Spring is her Burst. It merely offers AoE Hydro DMG upon solid. After an interval, affected enemies take one other blast of Hydro DMG.

All talents have injury that scales off of her HP. The upper her HP, the extra injury she will deal.

Her first ascension passive makes issues extra attention-grabbing. If the celebration consists of solely Dendro and Hydro characters with at the very least one among every, Nilou’s E ability grants the Golden Chalice’s Bounty buff to allies.

Whereas it’s energetic, Bloom reactions generate Bountiful Cores as a substitute of the same old Dendro Cores. The previous can’t be used to create Hyperbloom or Burgeon reactions and have a sooner detonation time and bigger AoE. Additionally, if characters are hit by Dendro DMG, they get boosted Elemental Mastery for 10 seconds.

As a consequence of relying primarily on EM for Bloom reactions, her expertise don’t should be leveled for her to turn into viable. This makes her cheaper than most characters to construct. Nevertheless, you’re nonetheless restricted to a handful of celebration members that would maximize her talents.

Genshin Nilou Builds and Artifacts

Contemplating her talents, builds depend upon whether or not you wish to use her as an on-field DPS or a Bountiful Core manufacturing unit. For the previous, you need a steadiness between Crit stats and HP for one of the best offense. In distinction, the latter wants extra EM and HP.

You should utilize Coronary heart of Depth, Tenacity of the Millelith, and the brand new Nymph’s Dream units for an on-field Nilou. Bloom manufacturing unit builds embrace EM units (Wanderer’s Troupe, Gilded Goals) and Tenacity. 2-set Noblesse Oblige can also be an choice for individuals who need extra bang for her Burst. You can even use the brand new Vourukasha’s Glow set for much more HP bonuses.

Some gamers have used Deepwood Recollections on her if the opposite Dendro characters aren’t utilizing the set. Nevertheless, different choices are at all times higher, so it’s a final resort. The Flower of Paradise Misplaced may appear an excellent, but it surely works finest with the character who triggers the response. Relying on how you employ Nilou, you won’t be utilizing it effectively. Additionally, you lose out on HP bonuses when equipping it on her.

On-Subject DPS

Predominant Stats: HP%, Hydro DMG Bonus, Crit Charge/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Charge, HP, Elemental Mastery, ATK

Bloom/Bountiful Core Manufacturing facility

Predominant Stats: 3x HP or with Power Recharge timepiece

Substats: HP, EM

Genshin Nilou Beneficial Weapons

Though it doesn’t match her aesthetic, her signature weapon is the Key of Khaj-Nisut. It gives a hefty HP bonus, particularly when absolutely leveled and refined. Different really useful weapons depend upon her position.

On-Subject DPS

  • Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Haran Geppaku Futsu
  • Festering Need
  • Harbinger of Daybreak
  • Cool Metal

Bloom Manufacturing facility

  • Freedom-Sworn
  • Xiphos’ Moonlight
  • Iron Sting
  • Sapwood Blade

Normal Use

  • Favonius Sword
  • Sacrificial Sword

Further Notes on Crew Composition

Since she must be accompanied by Hydro and Dendro characters, you should utilize a restricted quantity. Additionally, you’ll want to slot in one healer, as Dendro and Bountiful Cores injury your allies too. Earlier than Yaoyao was launched, the healer needed to be Barbara or Kokomi. Contemplating a type of is a five-star, some gamers have been caught with Barbara.

With Yaoyao, she at the very least gives one other various and extra alternatives for Bloom reactions. Nevertheless, having at the very least two Hydro characters is useful as a result of added HP Elemental Resonance gives. With Nilou as one, it could possibly be every other Hydro character. This limits you to an excellent distribution (2 Hydro, 2 Dendro) or Hydro heavy (3 Hydro, 1 Dendro) events.

By model 3.6, the out there characters for this type of celebration are (aside from Nilou):


  • Alhaitham (5*)
  • Tighnari (5*)
  • Nahida (5*)
  • Baizhu (5*)
  • Dendro Traveler
  • Yaoyao (4*)
  • Collei (4*)
  • Kaveh (4*)


  • Ayato (5*)
  • Kokomi (5*)
  • Mona (5*)
  • Yelan (5*)
  • Tartaglia/Childe (5*)
  • Xingqiu (4*)
  • Barbara (4*)
  • Candace (4*)

Additionally, a brand new character, Kirara, has been introduced for model 3.7. She’s a Dendro person from Inazuma, which qualifies her for the primary class. Nevertheless, not a lot else is thought about her expertise and talents. Her suitability for this group continues to be up within the air.

Kaveh appears to be a wonderful teammate. He can detonate any Dendro Cores created when the Golden Chalice’s Bounty buff isn’t energetic. Take into account that Xingqiu‘s Rain Swords can apply Hydro to close by enemies, one thing Yelan can’t do regardless of their related Bursts. Additionally, he can heal fairly a bit by way of his passive and supply some injury mitigation.

Nahida is among the many finest Nilou celebration members, because the tiny Archon has a plethora of buffs that may assist. Additionally, her E ability has a novel set off from Dendro and Bountiful Cores, making this a logical choice.

Your composition would depend upon who is on the market in your roster and the way you wish to use Nilou. An on-field DPS Nilou would battle towards related characters corresponding to Childe, Alhaitham, Ayato, or Tighnari. Nevertheless, they might have nice synergy with a sub-DPS or help Nilou.

Genshin Influence Nilou Backstory

Nilou, the Star of the Zubayr Theater, began with humble beginnings. She was not gifted with an mind for the Akademiya, nor was she significantly bold for the rest. She had a contented childhood together with her dad and mom who solely needed a secure life for her.

Nevertheless, one trait began when she was younger: her potential to stem battle and soothe feelings. Each time her dad and mom would argue, her considerate mediation by no means allowed grudges and hurt to linger across the little household. It was one thing that got here in helpful later in life.

Nilou was eight when she met her dance instructor. It was at a Sabzeruz Pageant, and the Knight of Flowers had simply given her some sweet. Together with her arms stuffed with sweets, she got here throughout the newly constructed theater within the Grand Bazaar. Earlier than, all performances have been finished by foreigners on a brief stage.

There, she noticed her instructor dancing, and he or she thought it was like a thousand flowers blooming on the stage regardless of none being there. Unconsciously, she dropped her sweets and danced alongside. Nilou got here to when the dance ended and apologized to the viewers members who made room for her actions. Then her instructor elegantly stepped down from the stage, picked up her Yalda Candies, and requested, “Would you want to affix me in a future dance?”

Underneath the instructor’s tutelage, Nilou blossomed into Zubayr Theater’s most adored star. For her half, she grew to become very conscious of the significance of physique language. This, and her pure inclination to mediate and soothe feelings, grew to become the inspiration of her model of ‘physique motion remedy.’

It permits her to dampen Mr. Zubayr’s rage when all the opposite members stroll on eggshells round him. Her remedy additionally in some way works with Sumpter Beasts, as Mr. Afshin would attest. Although it’d look infantile, humorous, or loopy to an onlooker, Nilou’s technique and delicate voice can soothe even probably the most irritated individuals (and beasts).

Alongside together with her inherent kindness and soothing nature, Nilou’s model of physique motion remedy lets her get together with individuals. All people is aware of her within the Grand Bazaar, which she treats as her household. In flip, in addition they consider her in related methods. For her, her dad and mom belong to her small household, and the Grand Bazaar is her large household.

Though she will mediate and assist different individuals of their decision-making, with regards to herself, she finds herself wavering in indecision. What does she wish to eat? Tachin sounds good, however so are Pita Pockets. Oh, and that individual’s holding a Potato Boat! In any other case, the subject could possibly be journey. If she have been to go on a visit, are the windmills of Mondstadt higher than the bustling harbor in Liyue?

Nilou is simply ready for a pal to supply to share a meal or guarantee her that the locations she needs to go are protected. If somebody got here as much as her saying these phrases, she would make a sleek gesture of thanks and revel within the pleasure of fixing an issue that had lengthy plagued her.

Genshin Influence How Nilou Obtained Her Imaginative and prescient

Nilou’s dance instructor instilled in her the ‘that means’ of dance. Though she doesn’t have the thoughts of an Akademiya scholar, she practiced with all her coronary heart. She did her finest to observe in her instructor’s footsteps. All of it paid off on her first solo efficiency.

She grew to become immersed in her dance. She considered the great thing about nature and the way she may specific that by way of her actions. A slight breeze blowing by way of a lake shining within the moonlight. A single rose blooming. The sensation of stroking the tail feathers of a Nightfall Chicken. These have been only a few stunning issues she needed to point out.

The viewers heaved a collective sigh of awe when the curtains closed. Nilou sat closely on a chair, the place she discovered her Hydro Imaginative and prescient on her waist. She realized her model of the that means of dance: to turn into magnificence and convey it together with the worth of artwork.

The writer’s present idea about Hydro Imaginative and prescient customers is that they wish to shield one thing. Whereas the story above doesn’t explicitly say something about that, Nilou’s dedication to preserving artwork (typically) is implied. She danced underground (actually) to maintain the humanities within the information-saturated and academically-focused model of Sumeru. Her dances are additionally a option to protect magnificence within the viewers’s hearts.

That’s it for Nilou! She’s a little bit of a distinct segment character due to the strict celebration necessities, however she might be enjoyable to play. It’s additionally good that she doesn’t want an excessive amount of funding to make her Spiral Abyss viable if you wish to put her in a reactive celebration.