Genshin Affect Baizhu Builds and Backstory

Title: Baizhu

Imaginative and prescient: Dendro

Birthday: 25 April

Constellation: Lagenaria

Titles: Past Mortality, Proprietor of Bubu Pharmacy

Genshin Baizhu Skills

Baizhu is the second Dendro healer and the primary to make Dendro shields. As a health care provider, he’s dedicated to conserving allies alive and wholesome and has many associated talents in Genshin Affect.

His Elemental Talent, Common Analysis, sends out a Gossamer Sprite that assaults 3 close by opponents. It then returns to the character, therapeutic the occasion. The quantity recovered relies on a proportion of Baizhu’s max HP. If there aren’t any enemies close by, the Sprite merely returns and heals.

Holistic Revivification, Baizhu’s Burst, creates a Dendro defend round himself (it stays when switching him out). The defend regenerates each 2.5 seconds, and each time it does, it sends out a Spiritvein and heals the on-field character. Therapeutic and defend power relies on Baizhu’s HP, whereas the Spiritvein assaults scale from his ATK.

Lastly, his exploration passive, Natural Nourishment, permits him to concoct treatments from numerous supplies you’ll be able to decide up on this planet. This heals round 2.5% of his max HP for each collected. This contains:

  • Flowers (Candy Flower, Mint, Violetgrass, and so on.)
  • Fruits (Sunsettia, Apples, Lavender Melons, and so on.)
  • Mushrooms (Rukkhashava Mushrooms, Starshrooms, Matsutake, and so on.)
  • Greens (must be planted, not from a crate, mainly wild Carrots and Radishes)
  • Cooking components (Pinecones, Eggs, Seagrass, and so on.)
  • Some native specialties (Onikabuto, Sango Pearls, Starconch, Sand Grease Pupa)

The final 4 merchandise aren’t included in every other class however could be moderately utilized in medical concoctions. Just like the crates, Mushrooms picked up from Shroomboars won’t set off the passive. The useful resource has to exist within the open world for it to activate.

This solely impacts the on-field character, so you will need to swap to the one you need to heal. In the event you’re farming for these sources, bringing Baizhu alongside will cut back your visits to the Archon statues. When you’ve got Nahida, it takes impact when accumulating them utilizing All Schemes to Know.

It doesn’t activate once you pull up a disguised Whopperflower or harvest your planted seeds within the Serenitea Pot. Utilizing the Seed Dispensary to get two merchandise (plant and seed) doesn’t double the therapeutic impact. Neither will it set off when selecting up similar-looking quest gadgets, corresponding to Contemporary Qingxin.

Genshin Affect Baizhu Builds

In fact, Baizhu’s specialty is in supporting allies. Whether or not therapeutic and shielding or buffing characters, artifacts have a couple of choices.

Final Assist Baizhu

For the very best utility assist, a 4-set Deepwood Recollections is the very best. When you don’t want the Dendro DMG bonus, the 4-set results swimsuit any crew with a Dendro DPS. Placing in HP essential stats on the timepiece, goblet, and headpiece is sufficient for top therapeutic along with his abilities. Alternate options are Ocean-Hued Clam, Noblesse Oblige, and even 2-sets of Tenacity of the Millelith and Vourukasha’s Glow.

Fundamental Stats: 3x HP, or you’ll be able to have an Power Recharge timepiece and/or Therapeutic Bonus hat

Substats: HP, Power Recharge


Whereas Baizhu isn’t a fighter, there are viable DPS builds for him. You possibly can set him up for a Unfold crew with the Gilded Desires set. Another is to drive Dendro reactions with a Deepwood set. This might depend on what weapons you’ve gotten available.

Fundamental Stats: Elemental Mastery, Dendro DMG Bonus, Crit Charge/DMG (Unfold crew) or 3x EM (Dendro driver)

Substats: EM, ER, HP (Dendro driver) that and Crit DMG/Charge, ATK for Unfold

Genshin Baizhu Weapons

Jadefall’s Splendor is his signature weapon and the best-in-slot for him. Nevertheless, for a DPS Baizhu, there are higher alternate options.

Unfold DPS

  • Misplaced Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • Tulaytullah’s Remembrance
  • A Thousand Floating Desires
  • Photo voltaic Pearl

Driver DPS

  • A Thousand Floating Desires
  • Wandering Everstar
  • Hakushin Ring

Assist Baizhu

  • Jadefall’s Splendor
  • Favonius Codex
  • Prototype Amber
  • Sacrificial Fragments
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Genshin Affect Baizhu Backstory

Baizhu was born in a small village in Liyue. Nevertheless, it quickly received tormented by the plague, taking many lives, together with his dad and mom. Luckily, his grasp was training (with Changsheng alongside for the experience). He was in a position to cease it from spreading much more.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t convey again the useless, and Baizhu determined to observe his grasp and study the artwork of medication. He noticed numerous diseases and illnesses. Nevertheless, his grasp might treatment all of them. He remembered a simple reality from all of the touring: illnesses could also be harmful, however the human mind can overcome them.

And so it was, till his grasp collapsed underneath all of the illness he took on in accordance with a contract. Baizhu then realized there was one ailment the medication had not conquered: loss of life. Was there actually no treatment for this, he questioned.

Together with his grasp buried, Changsheng provided a contract to Baizhu, the identical one which led to his grasp’s finish. The little snake questioned what number of extra individuals would tackle the contract, however her new holder declared, “No, this contract ends with me.”

So started the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Baizhu had hassle beginning it up, as by regulation, companies required an auspicious day to be open. It was to be divined by way of Zhanbu, and following it can make the endeavor prosper and luxuriate in fame and fortune.

Baizhu had gone by way of all the difficulty following paperwork. Nevertheless, a couple of nights earlier than they have been set to open, a distraught mom introduced her sick little one to the still-closed pharmacy. Neighbors have been shocked to see it open the following morning, days early and with out fanfare.

Changsheng chided Baizhu, asking what if the pharmacy goes bankrupt. He solely replied, “Which pharmacy needs enterprise to growth?” He follows it up by saying they weren’t asking for extra individuals to get sick. Nonetheless, he hadn’t considered a reputation for the store or a message, so he considered one on the spot.

Bubu Pharmacy’s message is thus: “Regardless of the fortunes of this store, or the illnesses affecting our sufferers, or our fates, we don’t must ask the gods or use divination any longer.”

The title comes from the ‘bu’ in Zhanbu, which implies refusal or negation. This affirms Baizhu’s beliefs and message.

Although many name him Mr. Bai, that isn’t his final title. The appellation got here from Qiqi, who had a reminiscence like a sieve initially of the acquaintance between the physician and the zombie. In these days, the little zombie typically forgot to go house after selecting herbs all day and couldn’t bear in mind Baizhu or Changsheng’s names.

Nevertheless, Baizhu was affected person and repeatedly reminded Qiqi that she lived on the Bubu Pharmacy with him. He additionally picked her up at any time when she was late to return house. His efforts ultimately bore fruit when he gave her a pocket book to put in writing in.

Following that reward, there got here a day when Qiqi woke one morning and didn’t ask who he was. Nonetheless, his full title escaped her, and she or he ended up with Mr. Bai. When Changsheng eagerly requested her, the zombie might solely say, ‘lengthy snake.’

Afterward, Mr. Bai was all the time on Qiqi’s lips. ‘Mr. Bai mentioned this or that’ or ‘Mr. Bai received’t permit it’ consistently fall out of her mouth. The pharmacy all the time had a buyer or two to overhear, in order that they introduced ‘Mr. Bai’ out of the pharmacy and into the town.

As a result of many individuals look to him for prescriptions and cures, they overlook that Baizhu is a shrewd businessman. His costs are truthful, specializing in many purchasers shopping for however with small margins. Nevertheless, the ‘Eternal Incense’ is a curious exception, priced at 2,990,000 Mora even with a reduction.

Luckily, his prospects don’t care about worth. They care extra in regards to the high quality and effectiveness of what they purchase. Why attempt to haggle within the markets for questionable merchandise when Mr. Bai’s service is assured? It’s costlier, however it’s price the additional value.

Greater than that, a lot of his prospects are enterprise companions. They offer him herbs and provides whereas distributing Baizhu’s medicines exterior Liyue. It’s a mutually helpful deal, as each revenue a lot from it.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t clarify why Baizhu takes care of Qiqi, which doesn’t add to the pharmacy’s ledgers. Baizhu additionally has a bleeding coronary heart, so he doesn’t cost those that can’t pay or low cost an already discounted worth. He additionally solely prices a token price for treating uncommon illnesses.

Due to that, individuals from throughout Teyvat search him out for therapy for every kind of sicknesses. Baizhu won’t ever flip down a affected person, whether or not or not they’ll pay for the service. In truth, Anthony truly asks him about his sister Anna’s ailment, which may get cured once you do sufficient of his commissions. This fame of his unfold, bringing him extra illnesses to check and repair.

You would possibly surprise why he does that. All of it has to do along with his objective to attain immortality. Sharp-eyed prospects will discover the books the physician reads or the drawers full of uncommon and priceless components. These are by no means utilized in on a regular basis prescriptions, however the contents are depleted and refilled commonly.

Anybody with a background in alchemy or thaumaturgy can acknowledge them as components for an elixir of immortality. The layperson may not perceive its implications or significance, however some do. Typically, individuals who find out about it have certainly one of three opinions:

  • They need to understand how far he’s come (and steal his data/analysis)
  • They need to cease him
  • They don’t actually care about immortality, however what hassle might come from researching it

The third group is primarily the Millelith, however that’s coated by his on a regular basis routine and personable nature. He turned the gossip to his benefit, and the individuals unfold the phrase that his analysis had no sick intent and received’t trigger any hassle.

Baizhu already has a working relationship with the second group. He already is aware of he can’t change these beliefs. Curiously, the consultant for this group is the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor down the road. Regardless of opposing views on life and loss of life, they work collectively when the physician fails to discover a treatment. He understands that he received’t be capable to treatment everybody, so he works with Director Hu to make sure the useless can relaxation.

And for the primary group, Baizhu finds them laughably straightforward to cope with. Their strategies are crude, and although his observe is the therapeutic arts, he’s surprisingly succesful in fight. You possibly can see this in his character demo. Whereas brewing a chilly drugs, Treasure Hoarders encompass him, considering he’s making a priceless elixir. He fights them off, calling it drugs for cognitive impairment.

On a regular basis life in Bubu Pharmacy goes like this:

Baizhu wakes up early and drinks some water earlier than brewing tea.

Pleasant retailers close by often ship pastries (and groceries) to the store, with two large plates and one small. The physician and Herbalist Gui take one of many large plates, whereas Qiqi and Changsheng share the small one. Even when they eat their pastries at completely different instances, it counts as having breakfast collectively.

After breakfast, the clinic opens for enterprise. Baizhu stays within the store to obtain sufferers. Herbalist Gui delivers medicines for older individuals and people with lowered mobility. Changsheng leaves her put up round Baizhu’s neck to wander. She typically accompanies Qiqi’s calisthenics or asks in regards to the latest gossip if she encounters Gui.

After that, lunch comes subsequent. Baizhu prepares a nutritious meal and a candy soup, sufficient for the workers and whoever is available in time for a chew.

Within the afternoon, Herbalist Gui staffs the store, Changsheng and Qiqi individuals watch, and Baizhu stays in his clinic. Regardless of being closed off, the physician nonetheless hears and pays consideration to what’s occurring exterior.

Night comes, and Bubu Pharmacy closes its doorways. Herbalist Gui would possibly keep for dinner or go house to his household. With the physician, zombie, and snake left alone, they’ll eat and drink their fill, returning to their rooms as soon as the moon’s out.

Although that’s the everyday day in Bubu Pharmacy, there are occasions (normally when the climate turns chilly) when a crowd gathers in entrance of the store. Solely Herbalist Gui is there; the physician is nowhere to be seen. Repeat prospects realize it’s ‘a kind of days’ when the physician is sick and can’t see you right this moment. They take their prescriptions and need Baizhu a swift restoration.

The Docs themselves are their worst sufferers, and Baizhu is not any exception. His situation will astound different docs, as his inner organs are diseased, and he has a weak structure. All through the day, Gui and Qiqi convey him water, chilly towels, and plates of fruit.

His situation comes from his contract with Changsheng and the eventual demise of his grasp and the masters earlier than him. Nonetheless, he’s devoted to discovering immortality. Although the ache makes him assume he’s dying, he received’t succumb till he succeeds.

Genshin Affect How Baizhu Obtained His Imaginative and prescient

Quickly after accepting the contract with Changsheng and declaring he was the final one, he obtained his Dendro Imaginative and prescient. The operating principle (for now) is that those that act on their beliefs obtain this ingredient’s powers. He’s doing every little thing he can to be the final contractor for Changsheng.

It’s the pattern amongst Dendro holders (up to now). The exception might be the yokai, which possible has completely different guidelines much like adepti. Nonetheless, it’s only a principle.

Have enjoyable and luxuriate in taking part in Baizhu (and Changsheng)!