December 5, 2023

With the Genshin Impression livestream launched on March 31, the subsequent occasions of the sport have been introduced. As per normal, there are new characters and weapons to gather. This replace additionally opens a brand new space for exploration and associated quests. The ‘flagship occasion,’ a brand new hangout, and new artifacts can even be added to acquire in your accounts.

New Characters and Returning Banners

Two new characters are coming in Patch 3.6. They’re Baizhu (5* Dendro Catalyst) and Kaveh (4* Dendro Claymore). The previous could be an thrilling addition to your workforce due to his therapeutic and shielding capabilities.

He additionally has the bizarre passive ability that lets him concoct medicines as you gather plant assets within the wild. Sure, a small portion of HP shall be recovered while you choose up flowers, fruits, or herbs. Lastly, he’s the primary Dendro shielder character, which has by no means been seen earlier than.

Kaveh is Alhaitham’s roommate and the star of the Kshahrewar Darshan of the Akademiya. Nevertheless, regardless of his recognition, his robust empathy and compassion at all times lead him to monetary difficulties. That can be his level of rivalry with the scribe, his polar reverse. Kaveh has minor therapeutic capabilities, however his skills primarily revolve across the Bloom response.

The opposite character banners for this patch are Nahida’s and Nilou’s reruns. Baizhu shall be accompanied by Ganyu and Kaveh within the second section of the patch. Uncommon, as Hoyoverse usually places the brand new featured characters within the first section.

The Epitome Invocation (Weapon) Banners shall be for ‘A Thousand Floating Desires’ and ‘The Key of Khaj-Nisut’ for the primary section. ‘Jadefall’s Splendor’ and the ‘Amos’ Bow’ will comply with within the second. Baizhu’s signature weapon is a part of the Primordial Jade collection together with the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and the Primordial Jade Cutter.

New Artifacts

Two artifact units shall be launched on this patch. The primary is Nymph’s Dream. Its 2-set impact is a rise (+15%) in Hydro DMG. For the 4-set impact, when assaults (regular, charged, plunge) and skills (E Ability and Burst) hit enemies, the character receives a stack of Mirrored Nymph for 8s. Every stack will add to ATK (9% per iteration) and Hydro DMG Bonus (5-6% for each stack).

The second is Vourukasha’s Glow. The two-set impact is a lift to HP. When two extra are added, it will increase Elemental Ability and Burst injury by 10%. If the equipping character takes injury, the talked about bonus will increase by 80% (to 18%, not 80%) for 5s. This could stack as much as 5 instances (50% complete). This could nonetheless set off even when the equipping character isn’t on-field.

New Location

Will probably be referred to as the Girdle of the Sands. Based on leaks, it is going to be positioned north/northwest of the Desert of Hadramaveth, the sandstorm space. After all, this may imply extra exploration objectives corresponding to Dendroculus, chests, and puzzles.

The livestream additionally introduces a brand new gadget to make use of within the space. This can make some hard-to-reach areas extra accessible, permitting you to fly freely and even drop bombs.

Based on tales, this space was one of the essential websites of the Abyssal invasion throughout the Cataclysm. Monsters from Khaenri’ah poured out, and the land turned a battlefield, solely ending when the gods suppressed the invasion. The situation nonetheless bears scars from this occasion, displaying that even the desert sand can’t cowl the whole lot.

New Boss and Enemies

A brand new weekly-recurring boss shall be added, the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis. You’re not exactly making an attempt to struggle it. As an alternative, you’ll analysis what ails it and learn how to heal or alleviate its ache. The ‘battle’ could have three phases, every with a special objective.

There can even be an Abyss-themed world boss, the Iniquitous Baptist. It’s much like Abyss Lectors, however with 4 arms and might use 3 parts concurrently. It’s going to undoubtedly be difficult to defeat, and it’ll seemingly drop the boss supplies for Baizhu and Kaveh.

Hilichurl enemies can even get two new additions. They’re the Hilichurl Rogues, with an Anemo and Hydro variant. They’ve one way or the other realized to wield uncommon weapons for hilichurls (the Hydro variant makes use of a scythe) and wander round. In the event that they see a gaggle of its kin being attacked, they may assist, however they’re normally lone drifters, not a part of any tribe.

Lastly, there can even be two new consecrated beasts. One is the Consecrated Horned Crocodile, and the opposite is the Consecrated Fanged Beast. Just like the others, you possibly can stun them as soon as they launch a crystal, and also you hit it with particular parts.

Occasions in 3.6

The flagship occasion is ‘A Parade of Windfall,’ which some have referred to as a ‘sports activities competition’ for the Akademiya. It has two elements.

Within the first, every of the six Darshans has ready varied actions for members and rewards for any winner. There are all types of actions:

  • Rtawahist: Astrolabe constellation association (organize stars to type the constellation)
  • Kshahrewar: Teapot association (organize teapot furnishings and panorama platforms so you possibly can move by checkpoints and get to the objective)
  • Vahumana: Archaeology actions (seek for relic replicas with a selected machine)
  • Haravatat: Storytelling (ask inquiries to get to the reality of the story)
  • Spantamad: Fight experimentation (timed fight with buffs and debuffs)
  • Amurta: Mimetic replication (management bionic animals in response to a rhythm)

The second is the ‘Interdarshan Championship.’ The six faculties have despatched out their representatives to attempt to win the status of being the most effective Darshan. There are 6 playable characters for every:

  • Cyno (Spantamad)
  • Kaveh (Kshahrewar)
  • Faruzan (Haravatat)
  • Tighnari (Amurta)
  • Layla (Rtawahist)
  • (Wanderer for Vahumana, unrevealed within the livestream, however he was within the trailer)

This occasion will reward a free invitation for Faruzan, permitting you to have the character (or a constellation improve) with out wishing or losing fates.

An occasion to improve and apply utilizing the brand new gadget can even be accessible. You’ll use Sorush (the ‘machine’) to finish varied duties and get acclimated to utilizing it. You’ll tackle battle challenges, take a look at your navigational expertise, or remedy puzzles utilizing its skills.

There can even be two new battle occasions. One will make the Traveler courageous sandstorms to assist a researcher out. Gamers must defend the cannons to drive the Wenut away. On the similar time, enemies attempt to sabotage your efforts in a raging sandstorm.

The opposite is a ‘rerun’ of the Brewing Potions occasion. In-universe, you’re testing some concoctions, however these offer you a random buff in gameplay. Discover a social gathering configuration that allows you to use these highly effective boosts and defeat as many enemies as attainable!

Lastly, close to the tip of the patch, there shall be an Overflowing Mastery occasion, the place all ability e-book domains could have double rolls. Will probably be time to farm these books for expertise upgrades!

A Hangout for Layla

Layla could have her hangout tales in 3.6! Study extra about this sleepy Rtawahist scholar and earn Primogems and different nifty stuff. Perhaps we’ll see a proof about her sleepwalking habits or a minimum of get to see her stress-free as an alternative of stressing out.

Nahida’s Story Quest, Act II

When you haven’t observed, normally, HYV will add a second weekly boss to a nation with the second chapter to an Archon’s Story Quest. Zhongli’s SQ added Azhdaha and Ei’s the Shogun Puppet struggle. Venti doesn’t have his but, however 3.6 will add Nahida’s and the Guardian of Apep boss. Then once more, there are already two weekly bosses in Mond, Stormterror and the Spirit of Andrius.

Like the opposite Act II Story Quests, this chapter will clarify extra about Apep’s function in sustaining the stability in Sumeru. Additionally, hopefully, we are going to determine what’s inflicting its sickness and discover a answer.

Let’s All Look Ahead to Genshin Impression 3.6!

Surprisingly, there’s no phrase about TCG updates. HYV could be switching to an ‘every-other-update’ schedule for it. Nonetheless, we will anticipate extra characters to be added to its roster in future patches. Even with out that, the subsequent replace is thrilling sufficient.

New characters, areas, occasions, and extra will hold Vacationers busy for the subsequent six weeks. By then, the subsequent replace shall be on the horizon, beginning the cycle anew. This places us one step nearer to the discharge of Fontaine. After this, there’ll solely be one or two (seemingly the latter) updates earlier than a brand new nation opens!

Positive, it’s nonetheless months away, however day-after-day brings it nearer and nearer. The hype is actual, and the sport’s storyline is heating up with all of the revelations the Sumeru chapter has introduced. If HYV can experience that momentum and keep it up with the impactful plot strains, any Traveler in it for the lore shall be overjoyed.