December 5, 2023

Final Fantasy 16_04

As a part of an IGN First preview, Ultimate Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai and fight director Ryota Suzuki speak about a few of the Eikon skills gamers may have entry to after they play the upcoming RPG later this month.

The video revolves across the skills protagonist Clive can get entry to after tapping into the powers of a few of the Eikons within the sport. These skills may be customised by gamers to additional emphasise their very own fashion of play, and Ultimate Fantasy 16 additionally appears to supply a free technique to respec the talents.

The video exhibits off a variety of skills in motion, together with how they work, and their utility in fight from a bunch of various Eikons.

Phoenix’s Eikon skills embody Rising Flames, Heatwave and Flames of Rebirth. From Garuda, we get to see Rook’s Gambit, and Aerial Blast. The duo then exhibits off Ramuh’s Eikon skills, which embody Lightning Rod, and Judgment Bolt. Then we get to take a look at Titan’s skills, which embody Raging Fists, Windup, and Earthen Fury.

Takai and Suzuki additionally state that, whereas they’ve proven off these skills, upgrading them can even unveil hidden particular options that gamers can look ahead to discovering. Detailed details about each skill may also be checked out within the skill display screen.

Ultimate Fantasy 16 is coming to PS5 on June 22. For extra particulars, right here is every part you want to know concerning the upcoming RPG.