December 5, 2023

Final Fantasy 16_03

Sq. Enix introduced tons of latest Last Fantasy 16 particulars and gameplay to PAX East 2023. Together with a brand new trailer highlighting the world of Valisthea, it additionally showcased new story footage and fight, together with some extra Eikonic Talents. Test it out beneath on the 11:15 and 24:40 timestamps.

Together with Garuda, Titan and Ifrit, Clive makes use of skills from Bahamut, Phoenix and extra. Odin’s Zantetsuken is out in full pressure, unleashing an array of slashes just like Vergil from Satan Could Cry 5. It may be comboed with Bahamut’s Megaflare, which sends a number of power projectiles into the air that rain down on an enemy as Clive continues the assault.

It’s fairly in depth, and the sheer quantity of combo potential is insane. Last Fantasy 16 is out on June twenty second for PS5, however a demo will go reside about two weeks prior, permitting followers to strive the fight first-hand. Progress transfers over into the sport as properly. Keep tuned for extra particulars within the meantime.