December 5, 2023

Bounty Hunter got here reside in beta worlds on March 29, permitting anybody to hitch and take a look at the brand new rewards firsthand. Jagex opened 5 beta worlds, one for the UK, Australia, and Germany, and two for the US. They’re all marked with a blue star, and to hitch any of them, you need to hop worlds to one in every of them.

Overview of Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter minigame was first launched to RuneScape in 2007. The introduction didn’t go nicely because it additionally concerned eradicating PvP from the Wilderness. 2014 marked the second failed try and have Bounty Hunter within the sport, however that didn’t go nicely due to botting, gold farming, and different suspicious habits. In 2020 the minigame was disabled for a couple of months in order that Jagex might examine a few of this. Later that 12 months, Jagex renamed the Bounty Hunter worlds to focus on worlds, and in 2021 the reward store was eliminated, ending the favored PvP minigame.

After saying that Bounty Hunter would return to Outdated Faculty RuneScape in 2023 again in December 2022, Jagex lastly made a extra detailed assertion in February and requested the neighborhood to finish a survey. Jagex got here again on March tenth with one other weblog submit in regards to the Bounty Hunter rewards, which additionally included a survey that might assist them higher perceive whether or not they had been on the precise path with the rewards or not.

Beta Launch

This time, Jagex is bringing Bounty Hunter to Outdated Faculty RuneScape in a failproof, contained means that may let you benefit from the minigame with out having any destructive penalties on the sport’s economic system or the PvP exterior of the crates. That is monumentally mirrored by the rewards Jagex is proposing for participation within the minigame and efficiently killing your targets, and most of them can be found within the beta worlds.

Tips on how to Check the Beta Rewards

After you hop to the beta world, you should click on on the provision desk close to the spawn location to choose the weapons and armours you wish to attempt and in addition decide your expertise since your fight ranges will limit a few of the objects.

Get some meals and pots and head to the free-for-all portal the place you may safely die and preserve the gear setup you selected since in case you die an unsafe dying, you’ll have to decide the objects again from the provision desk manually. The brand new rewards you may wish to take a look at are on the high, so you may simply spot and take them to attempt them out and see whether or not you suppose they’re value it.

Additionally, you don’t want to fret about spending GP within the beta worlds. Whereas Jagex intends to make a few of this gear chargeable with gold so that you just lose the gold as a substitute of the merchandise once you die whereas utilizing it, within the beta worlds, you’ll get to benefit from the stats advert visuals of the objects with out having to fret about your GP.


Historic Warriors Armours

There are 4 varieties of Historic Warriors’ armours, and every comes right into a corrupted and uncorrupted type. Whilst you’ll want your stats of their 78s for the uncorrupted model, the corrupted model is supposed for stage 20. Apart from Vesta’s set, all different units include a head, physique, and leg armour, whereas the Vesta solely has objects that may match into the physique and legs slots. They cowl all three fight types; nonetheless, whereas the melee and vary gear present accuracy for the particular assault, the magic armour offers accuracy for the common assaults.

Statius’ Armor

The Statius’ armour is the melee defensive decide, so you might use it with a Maul. Nonetheless, the favored opinion is that Jagex has presently underpowered the objects, particularly the corrupted model.

Vesta’s Armour

Vesta’s armour is the offensive melee variant, which additionally feels underwhelming and will make you surprise about Jagex’s assertion concerning bringing quite a lot of energy at a less expensive price into the Bounty Hunter minigame.

Morrigan’s Armour

Equally, the ranged armour items that make Morrigan’s armour set additionally really feel weak compared to the already present ranged gear and have already upset many who tried them.

Zuriel’s Armour

The magic set, Zuriel’s armour set, additionally lacks energy in its present type and with the present stats. It has additionally been a somewhat disappointing expertise for beta lovers.

Imbued Weapons

Jagex is testing 5 imbued weapons with this week’s beta, however from their statements, it’s clear that they wish to carry extra quickly. Imbued weapons have elevated accuracy, and their particular assaults price lower than their non-imbued variants. Since they’re higher variants of already fashionable weapons, many voices of the neighborhood wish to see them in PvM, not solely locked contained in the Bounty Hunter crates.

Imbued Darkish Bow

The imbued darkish bow has a particular assault that solely prices 45 p.c of the particular assault power and 10 extra accuracy than the common Darkish bow. You’ll additionally hit extra with the particular assault as a result of the roll is calculated barely in another way than the common one.

Imbued Barrelchest Anchor

With this imbue, the 60 assault weapon receives a +10 crush and energy bonus along with the common variant. The particular assault can also be buffed with an additional 15 p.c.

Imbued Dragon Longsword

This weapon doesn’t obtain a heavy enhance on the stats, with only a +4 stab bonus and a +6 slash bonus over the common dragon longsword. Nonetheless, the numerous change comes from the imbued sword’s slight delay between the particular assaults. It might be used equally as a neighborhood favourite: the dragon dagger. It’s because you’ll be capable of use a collection of particular assaults in your goal comparatively shortly. On high of this, the particular assault may also provide you with 25 p.c extra accuracy.

Imbued Dragon Mace

The imbued dragon mace additionally has barely larger stats than the dragon mace, however once you use its particular assault, you’ll roll in opposition to solely 60 p.c of your opponent’s protection, so you might be far more more likely to hit.

Imbued Abyssal Dagger

The Imbued Abyssal Dagger has a +10 stab bonus on high of the common Abyssal dagger, and also you received’t see any injury discount on the particular assault as with the common one. Since Jagex has already decreased the price of the Abyssal Dagger’s particular assault too 25 p.c, they made no extra changes.


So are any of those rewards value grinding for? As of now, they’re presently within the first beta. The armours lack quite a lot of energy so it’s not going that many gamers would go for utilizing them in precise fight. Nonetheless, the imbued weapons are so fashionable and well-received that they might be polled for getting into a game-wide use somewhat than being unique to Bounty Hunter.